To Do List Templates

Plan all your tasks with our FREE printable PDF to do lists.

You can use these to do list templates to organize your weeks and increase your productivity. Complement these checklists with the weekly planner and you will have everything under control.

Having all your daily tasks reflected in writing will help you to have a more specific vision of the things to do, and you will be able to focus and organize yourself much better.

We offer you 8 designs for you to choose the one you like the most. Below each image you have the download link. In addition, you can even decorate each sheet to your liking, as you have holes on each side of the header, to put stickers, write down motivational phrases, make a beautiful drawing, or anything you can think of.

To Do List Template PDF

free to do list template
creative cute to do list template

Don’t leave anything out. A good organization of tasks implies having everything reflected somewhere. Free your mind and write down all the pending tasks. This To Do list format is great to write down all your household chores: there is enough space for it, and if you leave it somewhere visible, you might even get motivated to do a mega cleaning!

Daily To-Do List Printable

daily to do list template
cute to do list template

Too many to-dos? These two to-do list templates are great for writing down everything you have to do. We offer two colors. Choose the one you like best.

Keep track of all your tasks with our different to-do list printable templates to organize your chores. Add it to your Bullet Journal and get your goals crossed off.

Homework To Do List Template

homework to do list template
to do list template pdf

In these other To Do list templates you have more space to write each thing you want to do. With these ones you can describe in more detail what you want to do.

CheckList To Do List Template

Organize your agenda with these great printable To Do Lists. These two to-do lists are great if you have a lot of things to do, since you have two columns to fill in.

printable to do list template
to do list template aesthetic


We hope you like our printable to do lists. We have designed them with a lot of love, and we find them very practical. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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