Password Tracker Printable

How often have we heard that it’s advisable not to use the same password for all websites; it’s even good to change them occasionally? If we overlook this, there’s a higher probability of falling victim to a cyber-attack, identity theft, or personal data theft. A password organizer can be the solution.

A template for storing passwords is ideal: maintain a record where you jot down all your passwords and keep it in a secure place. A list where you have all the websites you’ve registered on, maintaining control. That’s why we’ve crafted a Password Tracker Printable for this purpose. Start organizing and securing your passwords with our handy password organizer.

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Tips for a Strong Password

Make changing passwords a to-do list item to keep your data well-protected. Follow these tips when creating new passwords:

  1. Avoid using personal information: no names or dates.
  2. Combine numbers, letters, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase.
  3. Create long passwords.
  4. Use an online password generator; they are completely secure.

Password Organizer

With this PDF template for storing passwords, you won’t forget any password again. Note your username or email, your password, and any clarifying notes you need. Having a paper password organizer will simplify its management and organization.

In this template for storing web pages and passwords, you have space to fill in information for 8 websites. Print as many as you need.

Template for Storing Passwords

Use any of our digital printable designs; they are FREE. Print it on an A4 sheet or in the format most convenient for you.

You can always create an Excel template for storing passwords or a Word template, but you’ll likely forget where you saved it. Perhaps it’s more convenient to print a password organizer to have it in your agenda, planner, or Bullet Journal.

In this other template for recording passwords, you can fill in details for up to 15 websites, including corresponding usernames and passwords.


Password Tracker Template

Keep track of all your passwords with our password organizer template for printing. Include it in your planner or Bullet Journal and have it handy whenever you need it.

How do you find our templates for organizing website and password records? It’s a fantastic way to organize passwords on paper. If you’d like a different password manager, contact us.

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