Daily Schedule for kids | Cute Timetable Template | Free Printable

Are you looking for a cute kids schedule template? Download and print one of the school timetables that we have prepared with love, for this school year 2022-2023.

Having a class schedule in a visible place, with the subjects they have each day during the school year, will help them focus on the pending tasks and better plan their day to day. Each of the school timetables have 7 free boxes to fill in with the subjects and classes they have from Monday to Friday.

We have several school timetable templates to print: more childish (for children going to preschool and elementary school), but also for older ones: high school, college, etc. All class schedule templates are in PDF format, and they are available for FREE.

Even if you are homeschooling, choose any of our beautiful school timetable designs, and organize your children’s study hours. They are also perfect if you and your children are distance learners. Create your school schedule with our beautiful templates.

Below each weekly school calendar image, you have the download link, so you can have your free PDF file and print it easily.

For a better organization, don’t forget to download the 2023 calendar for the school year.

Kids Daily Schedule Template

The little ones at home will be delighted with these cute class schedules with drawings: unicorns and Disney princesses. Back to school will be much better; let them fill in one of these fun school schedules, they will be more motivated to start the school routine, and the return to the classroom will be great. Beautiful printable school schedule designs that you can even use for kids ages 2 to 3.

Homeschool Schedule Template

Here are two other school timetable templates. Fantastic for the early childhood education stage. And if they are fans of Pokémon or Elsa and the Frozen world… they will be eager to have one. Download and print the kids schedule template with the decoration your kids like the most, put it in a place where they can easily see it (on the wall, on their desk, in a notebook, etc.) and let’s start school on the right foot!

Frozen class schedule
Pokemon Class Schedule

School Schedule Template

If your kids go to high school or college, these other two templates might be right up their alley. More elegant designs with a minimalist style, according to their age: one with gray tones and the other with gray and black colors; both with the gaps to fill in white. It is a simple and straightforward weekly schedule, ideal for filling in all the classes they have.

Minimalist class schedule
Black and white class schedule

Study Schedule Template

These two class schedules have a touch of color in the hours part. Two great designs that fit all subjects.

Class schedule template
Working class schedule

Class Schedule Template

These two printable school timetable sheets have a more eye-catching spot of color: yellow and pink. Download, print and customize your weekly class schedule by filling in the blanks.

Cute class schedule
Study schedule

By using a kids schedule template, parents can ensure that their children have a consistent daily routine, which can help them to develop good habits and improve their overall well-being.

Another advantage of using a kids schedule template is that it can help children to feel more secure and comfortable in their daily routine. Children thrive on routine and predictability, and having a consistent schedule can help to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of stability. By following a daily schedule, children can develop good habits and routines that can help them to succeed in school and other areas of their life.

Interested in another type of printable school schedule? Contact us and we will gladly add what you request.


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