Baby Daily Log Printable

This year our little one has started school. In daycare centers or nursery schools usually have a daycare agenda or a baby daily log, to keep track of what the children do daily, and it is very useful, because when picking up the little ones the parents have a control of what they have eaten, what they have slept, if they have pooped, and anything noteworthy.

In our case we have opted for the alternative of a woman who cares for a few children in her house. And she wants to keep track of the children in writing, so that the families are aware of everything related to the children’s daily lives. Although this education option we have chosen is much more personalized and we are in close contact with her, it would be perfect to have a record of her day to day life.

That’s why we came up with a printable daycare planner design. A completely free printable baby daily log in pdf. 4 template options: 2 in Spanish (one in black and white and one in color) and 2 in English (one in black and white and one in color) .

Don’t stop planning your weeks and months with our great planners!

》Weekly Planner Printable

》Monthly Planner Printable

Baby Daily Routine

With our nursery agenda templates in pdf you can fill in all the daily information of your baby, whether you are an educator, nanny, caregiver or companion; and even if you are a mom or dad and want to make a daily record of the small this daily baby log is perfect for you. Our templates are also perfect if you have a small nursery. Download for free and print as many copies as you need.

It is a simple way to have information on the day to day of early childhood of our sons and daughters:

  • Meal tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Diaper control
  • Medication control
  • Mood
  • Notes

The first points of our child day care agenda are more technical. But the NOTES section is different, as it can go into detail on issues that are interesting and want to highlight.

Printable Baby Feeding and Diaper Log pdf

Printable Baby Feeding and Diaper Log pdf

These baby diary sheets are perfect. You can print them in black and white or in this beautiful salmon color. This baby daily log includes everything families need to know about their baby’s day in a very visual way.

You can put them in a ring notebook or keep them in plastic sleeves, to gradually compose your school agenda and thus have a history in which you will see the evolution of your baby in his early years.

If you run a nursery school or a small daycare center or even if you are a nanny, you can create beautiful personalized notebooks with these templates to keep track of your baby’s daily routine, which we are sure moms and dads will love!

Baby daily log printable

Download our daycare planner template, and don’t miss anything from the day to day life of the little ones.


Free Printable Baby Log in Spanish (Diario del Bebé)

Create your own nursery diary with these handy baby tracker designs. You can print any of our free baby diary templates.

You’ll have everything well organized in one place, and all in writing. This way, anything you want to keep track of (sleeping hours, how many bowel movements, if he/she is cranky or sad a lot of days, etc.) you’ll have it at hand and it will be much easier to follow up.

Agenda guardaría blanco y negro español

Spanish Baby Daily Log (Agenda Infantil)

Our baby daily log is ideal for families to be in constant communication with the nursery school. It is very useful to write down all the relevant information of each day.

In addition, our pages are not dated, so they can be used for any year and school year.

If you already want to be in super planning mode, we recommend our weekly menu template, in which you can go to reflect the food you prepare for the little ones and for the whole family:

》 Weekly Meal Planner Template.

Diario del bebé a color en español

What do you think of our daily baby report templates? If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we can improve them. Thank you!

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