Whitelines Paper Printable

The whitelines are light gray sheet templates with white lines. Printable whitelines are an ideal format for taking notes, since writing on white lines makes your eyes less tired, and you have your attention focused on what you are writing, which is not the case if you write on a notebook with black lines. Your notes will stand out against the gray background, while avoiding the distractions of dark lines.

Create your own whitelines notebooks with our designs. We offer two whitelines-style templates for printing and writing: one with white lines and one with a grid; and in two sizes: A4 and A5.

Finally you will be able to make beautiful notes with our whitelines to print in pdf totally free. Below each image you have the download link. Choose the format you want, print it and enjoy your whitelines templates.

On the other hand, if you are interested in creating a DIY notebook with your own sheets, these other templates may be of interest to you: for drawing, making graphs, etc.:
* Dotted paper
* Graph paper

Whitelines Paper

whitelines paper dot paper

Whitelines Paper – Graph Paper

whitelines paper graph paper


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