Free Printable Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Journal

If you are a Bullet Journal enthusiast, you are in luck. We have prepared some perfect dot paper to follow your organization with this BuJo methodology. Even if you don’t use the Bullet Journal, they are also an excellent option for writing notes, since you can see everything more clearly, and without as much visual noise as a checkered paper can cause.

Don’t forget to get a 2023 calendar, so you have an overview of everything you want to accomplish during the year.

Having dot grid paper to organize yourself is very handy, as you can make graphs and charts without having to use a ruler. Set up your own Bullet Journal by printing out our dotted paper. You can even make your own notebook by printing these double-sided paper. Print the template you are most interested in, and you will have refills of dot paper for your Bullet Journal.

If you are just starting out in lettering, these dotted grid papers are also ideal. You can practice the different designs of writing the different letters of the alphabet. You will get a notebook of dotted pages decorated with your beautiful writing.

We offer you two dot papers in three sizes and with two distances between the dots (5 and 10 mm). The mm is important. If you look at the images below, you can see the difference between a distance between the dots of 5 mm (image on the right) and 10 mm (image on the left).

Dotted Pattern Paper

Here are the different dotted paper that you can download and print. We have 2 sizes of dotted paper in pdf (A4, A5 and letter size respectively), so you can print the one you prefer.

dot grid paper printable A5 10mm
dotted paper A5 5mm


Do you need another format of dotted paper to print? Contact us and we will add it.

Enjoy top organization with our dotted paper!

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