Magical Printable Letters to Santa: Delightful Templates for Christmas Wishes

Christmas isn’t complete without a letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. We’ve crafted these delightful Santa letters for easy download and print. Your kids can pen down all their wishes. Choose from 10 charming designs in free, downloadable PDF format.

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Printable Santa Letters

Celebrate the holiday season and instill the magic of Christmas in children with these beautiful letters to Santa. Simply download your favorite design, providing ample blank space for their heartfelt wishes, and a spot for their signature. Find the download link below each image.

Santa Claus Letter for Print

Let your children express their wishes in these vibrant letters addressed to Lapland, for their beloved Santa Claus. Ready-to-print letter models in PDF format.

Model Santa Letter for Print

Some of our Santa letters feature elegant black silhouettes, adding a touch of sophistication that older children or even adults might appreciate.

PDF Santa Letters

Choose from several fantastic template designs for your children to write their Christmas wishes. Pick your favorites, download, and print them for free from the comfort of your home.

Beautiful Santa Templates

Admire the adorable faces of our Santa Claus templates. Christmas and the tradition of writing letters to Santa are truly heartwarming!


Online Santa Letter

While we appreciate the charm of handwritten letters, we understand the appeal of modern alternatives. If you’re feeling more tech-savvy this year, you can have your children write their Santa letter online. Experience the magic at Email Santa.

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