10 Free Printable Letters to Santa Templates

A Christmas without a letter to Santa Claus and/or a letter to the Three Wise Men is not a real Christmas. We have designed these beautiful letters to Santa Claus so that you can download and print them comfortably, and your children can write in them everything they want to ask for. We offer you 10 designs in pdf format completely free.

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Santa Claus Letter Printable

Enjoy a great holiday season and transmit to children the magic of Christmas with these beautiful letters to Santa Claus. Just download the one you like best. There is enough blank space for them to write what they are looking forward to receiving, and with a space at the end for them to sign. Below you have the download link.

Letter to Santa printable
free printables letter to santa

Letter To Santa Claus Free Printable

Let your children write their wishes in these colorful letters to Lapland, for their beloved Santa Claus. Letter templates ready to print, in pdf format.

santa letter printable
free printable fill in blank letter from santa template

Dear Santa Claus Letter Template

Some of the letter templates to Santa Claus we have prepared have black silhouettes, which adds an elegant touch, maybe children who are not so young will like them more.

santa letter template
dear santa letter template

Letters Santa Claus Template PDF

We have several great template designs for your kids to write what they want to ask for this Christmas. Choose the ones you like the most, download them and print them for free and from the comfort of your home.

santa letter template free
blank santa letter template

Blank Santa Letter Templates

How cute the little faces of our Santa Claus, how beautiful is Christmas and the tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus!

santa claus letter template
free letter from santa template pdf


Santa Claus Letter Online

We are more traditional, we like to write on paper the letter to Santa Claus, we believe that it is a ritual that children find magical, and it excites them more. But if this year you feel like something more modern, and you don’t want to be printing anything, maybe you will be surprised, but you also have the option for your children to write their letter to Santa Claus online. What a technological time!

This is the link to write the letter to Santa Claus and send it online:


What do you think of our printable Santa Claus letter templates? Would you like to have another template? Contact us and we will be happy to add it.

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