6 Free Custom Gift Certificate Templates

Don’t you think that giving a gift certificate is such a great idea? Do you have a birthday coming up and you have no idea what to give? Is Christmas already here and you are overwhelmed at the thought of going shopping without knowing what to buy? Nothing bought for Epiphany? Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is coming up? Do you want to give an original gift?

Get one of our printable gift vouchers and problem solved. You don’t always have to give material gifts: experiences are something they will always remember. We love to make this kind of gifts, they are our favorites.

That’s why we offer you our printable gift certificate templates. Download the card you like the most, print it and fill it with what you want to give. They are in PDF format and completely free.

If you are a bit messy with dates, and you don’t want these gift-giving events to catch you empty-handed, we recommend you to download our monthly planner. You also have at your disposal the 2023 calendar. Get everything organized now!

Printable Gift Certificate Template

Here are two examples of printable gift vouchers. What are you waiting for to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Other gift coupons ideas: a voucher for a trip or a weekend getaway, a meal in a restaurant, a movie and blanket night, a trip to the countryside, a tattoo voucher, a hairdresser session, a spa, theater tickets, a concert, etc.

Give experiences with our printable gift certificate. Give moments. Give the gift of happiness.

tattoo gift certificate
Sample tattoo gift certificate template image
nail salon gift certificate
Nail salon gift voucher image printable

Gift Certificates Images

With these empty gift certificate templates you can make beautiful gifts. What do you have to do? Just choose the gift voucher you like, download it and print it. Then fill it in with what you want to give, and also write who is giving the gift and for whom it’s intended.

Do you want more examples of gift certificate? We don’t always have to give something that costs us money; it can be things like taking care of the washing machine for a month, picking up the kitchen, taking the dog out, cooking that person’s favorite recipe, a gift coupon to take care of your friend’s baby so they can disconnect for a while, etc.

gift certificate images

Gift Cards and Certificates

Surprise your mother, your father, your siblings, your partner, your children, your friends, on a birthday, on Christmas, on Valentine’s day, etc. With our gift certificate, you will be sure to get it right, it will be a very special gift!

How to give an original gift certificate? Here are some ideas:

  • Put it inside a jar full of sweets.
  • Inside a nice box.
  • Inside an envelope decorated by you.
  • Inside a box of chocolates.

I also leave you the link to Pinterest, where you will find lots of ideas to give gift cards in a creative way.

gift certificate printing

Homemade Gift Certificate

Start giving personalized gifts with our cute gift voucher designs. You have the option to print a coupon for one gift, but you can also create a gift certificate book by printing as many gift coupons as you want.

custom gift certificates


We hope you liked our printable gift certificate cards. If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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