Free Cute Printable Calendars 2023: Monthly & Yearly Designs

The new 2024 calendars are now available for printing.

We’ve been looking forward to showing you the 2023 printable calendar we’ve created. 5 cute monthly almanac designs, in PDF format and FREE.

To plan a year well, there’s nothing better than having a large calendar handy, and with enough space to jot down important dates and appointments. We love the world of organization and productivity, so every year we make a calendar to plan our year month by month and have everything well visible.

Print the model you like the most and let’s go for 2023!

2023 Yearly Calendar Printable One Page

2023 yearly calendars

As always, we advise you to complement the monthly calendars with an annual calendar, so that you have a complete overview of the whole year. In this yearly calendar printable on a sheet, you can write down birthdays, holidays, important events, medical appointments, work stuff, and anything else you can think of.

cute 2023 yearly calendar
Blank 2023 yearly calendar minimalist
2023 yearly calendar for kids
Floral 2023 yearly calendar
Aesthetic 2023 yearly calendar


Printable Monthly Calendar 2023

This year 2023 we have added 5 different cute designs to make the choice more difficult. We are the first to download a different monthly calendar each month.

It’s great to print the 2023 calendars month by month. You have enough space to write down what you want to do that day or important dates or events you have that month. You will have everything under control.

Here we show you the 5 monthly calendars so that you can plan every month:

1 – Cute Calendar

Calendar of the month with a casual tone. You can use it for more informal issues, such as the organization of your personal life.

Cute january 2023 calendar

2 – Floral Calendar

These printable 2023 calendar templates are very minimalistic. Simple design, with some touch of color in the corners. Large boxes, with enough space to fill in important appointments and events, project deadlines, birthdays, and anything else you consider important.

Floral january 2023 calendar

3 – Minimalist Calendar

This minimalist and modern printable calendar is great for use as a work calendar for example. Design with lots of white space so you don’t forget anything. It’s like a blank canvas, so you can also customize as you like; remember to write down the holidays!

blank january 2023 calendar minimalist

4 – Calendar for Kids

Calendar with a design for children. Your kids will love this calendar. Dinosaur themed, which has green colors and is themed with dinosaurs.

January 2023 calendar for kids

5 – Aesthetic Calendar

Monthly calendar that goes in line with this trend that is very fashionable, with bright colors and abstract shapes.

Aesthetic january 2023 calendar

2023 Printable Calendar By Month

We sincerely hope that you like our 2023 calendar designs to print and that they are practical for you. Our intention is that our life and other people’s lives (children and adults) are a little more organized, that we do not forget anything and that we enjoy every moment.

Of course, if you think someone else might be interested in organizing their days, don’t hesitate to share it.

Did you like them? Tell us what you thought and thanks for sharing.

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